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Samsung releases a summer hit with frequencies to create awareness about hearing impairments

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Samsung releases a summer hit with frequencies to create awareness about hearing impairments

Samsung is releasing a summer hit with Nea (SE) and Skinny Days (NO) to highlight technology as an enabler of accessibility and create awareness of hearing impairments. The song consists of frequencies and elements from hearing tests and is produced in collaboration with audiologist Peder Heggdal.*

Over 1,5 million Swedes have a degree of hearing loss, aware or unaware. As we are approaching the first festival summer in three years, Samsung wants to raise awareness of the importance of enjoying good sound responsibly. To pay tribute to the love of sound in an ear-catching way, a brand new summer hit is released together with Swedish singer-songwriter Nea and Norwegian music producers Skinny Days. The song is called Heartbeat and is unique as it contains frequencies typically used in hearing tests.*

- Technology has always been the enabler of great sound experiences. I am proud that we, as pioneers of meaningful innovation, set humans and the importance of hearing at the center when creating products. For example, when listening to music, the Galaxy Buds Adapt Sound feature gives our users the chance to adjust and customize the sound to their needs, and in this way enhance their whole sound experience, says Elin Wallberg, Brand & Corporate Citizenship Manager at Samsung Electronics Nordic.

    The song Heartbeat is created to raise awareness around the importance of hearing and contains elements and frequencies that may not be audible to those with reduced sensitivity to high-frequency sounds.* To help detect these sounds, Samsung has created a visualization that shows where the frequencies are found in the song.

    The different frequency segments are developed by Peder Heggdal, audiologist and one of Norway's leading experts on hearing loss. The first segment contains frequencies at 17khz, 16khz, and 10,6khz. Some are easier and harder to distinguish depending on the listener's level of hearing. The second segment is included in a part of the track where words have been hidden among other sounds. These words may be hard to distinguish for listeners with reduced sensitivity to high-frequency sounds.

    - The ability to fully experience music is one of the first things affected when you experience hearing impairments. Excessive noise exposure can influence the ability to separate sounds, making them blend together. A high-frequency hearing loss can even make it harder to understand the lyrics of a song, Peder Heggdal, Doctor of Neuroscience and Audiology explains.

      The song Heartbeat by Skinny Days and Nea is released on all streaming platforms on June 3rd.

      *The track and the visualization are not medical products and are not intended to replace traditional methods for diagnosis or treatment of hearing loss or other medical disorders. If you suspect that you have a hearing impairment, you should consult a qualified healthcare professional.

      Read more about the initiative on the For the Love of Sound campaign page:

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